How do I get in touch?

Got a question? Have some feedback? We'd love to hear from you. Please go to the contact us page or alternatively email sales@avalanchecoffee.co.nz

How long will my order take to arrive?

Depends on if your postie has had their morning coffee yet! But also where you live.
New Zealand Domestic : Typically 1-2 business days.
Australia: Typically under 1 week. However, due to COVID-19, NZ orders may take a little longer

Can I purchase Avalanche in supermarkets?

You sure can! We are in most supermarkets across NZ and AU, however, you may not find all of our range in all supermarkets. To find exactly what you're after and more, you can shop online for coffee delivered straight to your front door.

I can't find a product in my supermarket! What can I do?

Ask them nicely... no seriously, it helps! If you'd like one of our products stocked in your local, ask the front desk to order some in, it's the best way to get them to order from us. In the meantime, feel free to order this product online from our website

Do you ship internationally?

One day, we'd love to be able to ship to every country in the world, but at this stage, we're only available to NZ and AU. We're in the works of looking at solutions for our international fans, so hold tight while we sort something out!

How do I contact Avalanche?

Looking for something we don't cover here? Send us an email at reception@avalanchecoffee.co.nz, or send us a DM on socials!

What if an item is out of stock?

We'll be working really hard behind the scenes getting this back in stock ASAP for you. In the meantime, we would really appreciate your patience while we get it back online for you!

There's something wrong, can you help me?

While we try to be as perfect as we can, we know we can make mistakes! So if you think there's something not quite right about your avalanche, send us an email with your issue and batch number at reception@avalanchecoffee.co.nz or send us a DM on socials and we will sort it out.

Who's behind Avalanche?

Stoked you asked! Avalanche is founded and run by Paul & Stefan, two guys who just couldn't find a coffee they liked. They're Kiwi and kept Avalanche that way. So you'll find our products have all been produced in NZ! How great!

Are your Cafe Style and Sugar Free range vegetarian?

Absolutely! Our coffee & drinking chocolate products you might find in our sachet range (Sugar Free, Cafe Style) are all vegetarian! We use an emulsifier called 471 which is 100% vegetarian friendly

I'm vegan, can I drink your drinking chocolate?

We have a couple of drinking chocolates, so depends on which one! Our Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate or Divine Drinking Chocolate (both of which you'll find in tubs), can be made vegan if you use a plant based milk. We'd just advise to not go for our 99% Sugar Free or Cafe Style Drinking Chocolate, as they both contain milk powder.

What sweeteners do you use for the Sugar Free range?

What a sweet question! We use Stevia and Erythritol in our Sugar Free ranges

You have a few different drinking chocolates, what's the difference?

A drinking chocolate to meet everybody's needs! Our different drinking chocolates all have slightly different recipes;
Our most popular is our 99% Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate, which comes in a box of 10 sachets and you make it with hot or cold water. It's also 99% Sugar Free!

Our Cafe Style Drinking Chocolate is similar, but this one isn't sugar free.

Next, we have our tub Drinking Chocolates, Divine, Sugar Free and Kid's Sugar Free. These are all designed to be made with milk (and can be made vegan if you use a plant based milk). The difference between the Kid's Sugar Free and standard Sugar Free tubs, is that our standard Sugar Free contains a bit more cocoa.

Hope this helps understand our Drinking Chocolates a little more!

What cocoa do you use for your Drinking Chocolates?

We're a big fan of the dutch cocoa that we use!

Are you looking into more sustainable packaging?

Yes absolutely! We are always looking into ways we can do more to help the planet and reduce our carbon footprint. It's something we're passionate about. So while our packaging isn't perfect at the moment, we're definitely researching in the background.

I'm looking for something decaf, can you help?

Looking for coffee, but without the buzz? At the moment, we only have our decaf Nespresso pods, as unfortunately in the past our decaf products weren't well-loved. All of our chocolate ranges are caffeine-free so this is also an option for you.

I can't find a product anywhere, has it been discontinued?

It might just be, we're afraid! As we are constantly innovating and making room for new products, we do go through cycles of discontinuing certain products. We're sorry if this happened to be your favourite, we hope one of our new products could be a good replacement! Otherwise, it might just not be in your local anymore, so check on our online store, as this is the best way to keep up to date with our range!

Are your products gluten free?

If they're not! It will state they contain gluten on the back of the pack, so check out our cute packaging to be sure!