How to make Bubble Tea


Tear open tapioca pearl sachet, stand upright in an empty mug and microwave for approx. 15–20 seconds (depending on microwave strength).


Tapioca pearls should be soft and chewy. If tapioca pearls are hard, microwave for a couple of seconds longer, if soft microwave for a couple of seconds less. Alternatively, place the tapioca pearls into boiling water and soak for 3–4 minutes until soft and chewy (leaving them sealed in the bag).

Squeeze the tapioca pearls into a separate glass (careful, they may be hot!) and add a handful of ice (50g). Stir to cool the tapioca pearls.

Reusing your mug, pour the contents of the bubble tea sachet in, add 200ml cold water and stir to mix.

Add the bubble tea to the tapioca pearls and ice, then stir well. Enjoy!